🗨 Meet targz: Tech Enthusiast and Social Butterfly!

Hey there Tulsa Social crew,

My name is Travis aka targz, and I’m thrilled to be part of this fantastic community! :raised_hands:

:man_technologist: Tech Geek by Day:
When I’m not exploring the latest in tech, you can find me diving into the virtual worlds of games like Eve Online. Whether I’m piloting spaceships or taking on epic scripting quests, gaming is my downtime escape. Let’s talk strategies and share our gaming adventures! :video_game:

:nerd_face: Coding Nerd:
I have a thing for programming too. From Python network wizardry to scripting solutions, I love tinkering with code. Got coding questions or just want to chat about your latest coding projects? Count me in! :computer:

:supervillain: Bastard Admin From Hell:
By day, I make sure 20% of the internet doesn’t break…I have a knack for managing systems and infrastructure, whether it’s with networking gear, setting up high availability solutions, or diving into a coding project. Let’s chat tech and swap tips! :globe_with_meridians:

:money_with_wings: Committed Entrepreneur:
Starting a Startup? I’m always up for learning and growing. Let’s connect and chat about our business journeys! :books:

Whether it’s business, tech or programming, I’m excited to connect with fellow enthusiasts like you. Feel free to reach out, and let’s make Tulsa Social the ultimate hangout where everyone goes to learn how to setup shop!. Cheers to our shared passions!

Catch you in the threads! :dizzy:

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